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Monitoring of Groundwater Hydrocarbon Plume for VOC's

Botany, NSW

EGC determined the extent and movement of hydrocarbons in an aquifer under the Orica site at Botany, NSW. Several monitoring locations were established within the Orica Botany site (formerly ICI Chemicals) to determine the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in the underlying aquifer system.

Evaluation of contamination was carried out outside the plant boundaries and in the nearby community to ascertain the area of impact. Control sites were established in order to check background levels. Samples were collected using a static “Flux Hood”, allowing the quantification of VOC’s emanating from the undisturbed ground. The findings determined the boundaries of the plume and rate of movement towards Botany Bay, allowing Orica determination of the scale of clean-up.

Level of Involvement: Principal Consultant, air quality sampling and interpretation followed by reporting on aquifer contamination and advice

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