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Today’s society places more emphasis on environmental practices and compliance than ever before. EGC has the capabilities and expertise to meet and exceed these demands for our clients. From concept to completion, EGC are fully committed to helping our clients achieve their environmental and company goals.

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Environmental Impact Assessments

Development of a natural resource, whether you are in mining or urban expansion, is going to create some obvious, and sometimes not so obvious, environmental impacts. EGC specialises in the preparation of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) documents for large and small projects across the entire spectrum of development types. We’ll conduct the assessment, co-ordinate specialists in other fields where appropriate, and make comprehensive recommendations which will speed up the development.

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Fauna and Flora Assessments / Spotter-catcher Services

The accurate and precise description of faunal and floral communities is a critical component to many development applications, and forms the basis of best practice environmental monitoring programs. EGC consultants are experienced in both terrestrial and aquatic systems over a wide range of scales, and will tailor the investigation to suit your needs and ensure an outstanding result. Our capabilities include fauna spotter-catcher services in remote areas.

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Acid Sulfate Soil Assessments

Exposure of acid sulfate soils to air during disturbances such as earthworks, dewatering, dredging or land clearing can lead to the production of sulphuric acid and the release of iron, aluminium and heavy metals from the soil. This can result in significant environmental damage. Our capable scientists are experienced in the identification, assessment and management of acid sulfate soils and the regulatory processes involved, providing expert advice to deliver the best outcome.

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Environmental Management Plans

Environmentally responsible management is critical to the success and regulatory approval of a project and can be provided through development of Environmental Management Plans (EMP), which specify performance indicators and management techniques to successfully manage or mitigate impacts of a project. We have generated numerous EMP’s, tailored for a range of clients and projects, to achieve the required environmental objectives and gain the necessary regulatory approvals.

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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is an excellent means to illustrate complex scietific data, such as vegetation change or hydrological monitoring, in a simple user-friendly manner. Our GIS expertise not only encompasses a complete suite of mapping and analysis services, but also includes software customisation for the development of environmental management and information systems for a range of clients and industries.

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Environmental Compliance Monitoring

Environmental monitoring programs allow for the early identification of environmental issues and provide an opportunity for scientifically reliable and effective responses. Our dedicated team of scientists possess a wide range of expertise in the design and implementation of comprehensive monitoring programs aimed at protecting a variety of ecosystem types. We will help ensure your legislative compliance.

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ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and Auditing

Best practice environmental performance requires a commitment to continuous improvement. EGC is experienced in the development and implementation of environmental management systems to the international standard ISO 14001 and can provide your organisation with continued support for the ongoing maintenance of your system. Whether auditing to verify the effectiveness of your EMS or with other requirements, our staff can help design and conduct an audit program to assist your organisation and provide expert advice.

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