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Ecological Monitoring

The EGC environmental team has been awarded two large terrestrial ecology contracts for APLNG and QCLNG Liquid Natural Gas plants on Curtis Island, Queensland, Australia. The liquefaction plants which are being developed by QGC/are a part of the Australian coal seam gas production scheme and consist of several LNG trains, where the gas piped from Surat Basin/other locations is converted into LNG for export.

Both projects are proposed in ecologically sensitive areas and required an assessment of fauna and flora in preparation for the construction of a conversion facilities. EGC team of ecologists and spotter-catchers carried out successfully a thorough fauna and flora survey of the proposed clearing area, developed protocols for clearing of hollow bearing trees and fauna management and supervised the clearing activities.The EGC team carried out capturing and relocating any native animals that were disturbed by the clearing activities with minimum stress and maximum care.

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EGC scientists conduct comprehensive ecological surveys at the Helidon project site, Qld.

Photo: Simon Drummond


Flora surveys were completed as part of the quantiative ecological investigation.

Photo: Simon Drummond

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Ecological Monitoring at Curtis Island, Gladstone

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